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rank-better-in-googleThere are a couple of guiding principals that will help you rank better in the Google search results. These principals were outlined by Matt Cutts, google’s head of anti-spam, who is an avid WordPress supporter and blogger.

The following principals, if followed correctly will help to improve your ranking in the search results over time:

Be Relevant and Reputable

Research your topic well. Make your website content relevant and focused on the subject matter your are covering. Focus on covering it thoroughly and make sure that you use all the relevant keywords in the correct context. You can then build outwards and cover related topics and keywords once you have covered the focus area well. Reputable speaks to linking to reputable materials and resources that relate to your topic. Think about it, if you were writing a paper at university you would do your research and use reputable sources and articles to substantiate your points. The same applies to writing for the web content. Then try get links from reputable websites that cover the related and relevant topics to that which you are writing about.

Good Content is King

We often hear the phrase ‘content is king’, but what does this mean?  Well it is simple really, readers are searching for good, reputable information, interesting content, and so if you content is well written and covers the topic well, i.e. relevant and reputable, it may be link-worthy and other sites on the internet will link to your content. Ask yourself, is my content interesting, informative and visually appealing, does it add value? If so, keep it coming. Soon you will gain reputation and rank better because other people will naturally link to your content.

If you Don’t Love it, Don’t Write About it

If you don’t love your topic, don’t write about it! The chances are that if you don’t love what you are writing about, you will not write very good content on the topics and hence no one else will see the value. Remember, you need to present yourself as an expert and authority on the given topic, and experts love and know their topics.

Think about the different keywords that describe something

When writing about a topic, think about the different keywords that could be used to describe something. Take a flash drive for example, some people may call it a ‘pen drive’, while others would call it a ‘USB storage drive’. Remember this when writing on a topic and try to use all the associated keywords, in the correct context.

Following the above simple principals will ensure that your website becomes more and more reputable and relevant and hence will rank better without a doubt! Happy ranking fellow webmasters.