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7 SEO Tips for building a website
What’s the point of having a great looking website if no one can find it in Google or other search engines?

When thinking about designing a website one should think about Search Engine Optimization or SEO upfront, this makes it possible to build a stronger website that appeals to search engines and users. These 7 SEO tips will help to ensure that your website is search engine and user friendly, offering a sweet mix of expertise with quality resources and articles.

1. Write compelling, accurate and descriptive webpage titles.

The webpage title should accurately describe the content on the page. Webpage titles are particularly important because they are the first thing that search engine users see in the search results.

2. Write descriptive webpage Meta descriptions.

This is a longer description of the webpage that is often displayed in the search results by search engines, under the title. This should be one or two key sentences that accurately describes the webpage and uses the main keywords.

3. Search Engine Friendly URLs.

It is important that each webpage URL contains the main keywords used on that particular page. This is very important ranking factor for search engines.

4. Headings level 1 to level 4 (H1-H4).

Headings are important to readers and search engines. They sum up the important themes of each paragraph. Hence using keywords in headings is vital. Level 1 headings are seen as most important, and then level 2 etc.

5. Keyword Density / use in body text.

It is important that the keyword density of each keyword is correct in order of their priority. Also main keywords should appear in the opening 2 sentences with links to related articles and content.

6. Include a sitemap of the main webpages linked in the footer.

It is good practice and a great benefit to the user to include a visible link map of all the website’s pages. It allows for oversight and easy navigation.

7. Grow your website with quality articles and content.

This can never be said enough, Content is King for users and Search Engines. Create good informative website content and articles that position your website as an expert in its field.

These 7 SEO tips are the key to good solid SEO and web growth. They will help to ensure that your website is search engine and user friendly and gets good exposure in the organic search engine results.

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