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Link Building & Link Popularity

Link building is a vitally important SEO activity that consists of building incoming links from other well-related websites. If a website has numerous other websites, with good trust ratings, linking to it through backlinks, it will have good link popularity and rank better in search engines.

All Links are Not Created Equal

Another important thing to note though is that not all links are created equal. Essentially the more trust a website has from search engines, the more it will help improve the link popularity of that it links to, provided that the website is closely related to the site it links to. It is no good getting hundreds of links from sites that are not related at all!

Link Building Strategies

Link building is a labour intensive and time-consuming process, and hence the bulk of our SEO efforts focus on this essential ranking factor. Our link building strategies include:

  • Link exchange with related / relevant websites, with good search engine trust ratings.
  • Submission to high quality web directories
  • Developing articles that contain useful information and direct readers to your website.
  • Blogging and fresh content – developing link-worthy content and information that people will link to on their websites
  • Social media marketing – Using Social networks like Facebook and Twitter to disseminate your services and content, and promote your business and its services.

Fresh Content Strategy

A complementary strategy to link building that works quite well is a ‘fresh content strategy’. This helps to ensure that search engine robots / spiders visit your site regularly and hence increase its reputation. Here things like blogs, news feeds and twitter feeds are used to get fresh content on a website.