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Keyword Research & Targeting Form the Basis for All Your Other SEO Efforts.

SEO Keyword research is without a doubt the most important Search Engine Optimization activity. If one selects the incorrect keywords all SEO efforts may be in vain and amount to nothing. Hence, time should be invested in doing  thorough keyword and market research.

What are Keyword Phrases?

Keywords phrases or ‘search terms’ are the words or phrases used by users when they search for information in search engines. For example, when people are search for accommodation in Cape Town, they may type in the phrase “Cape Town Accommodation” into a search engine. The phrase “Cape Town Accommodation” is seen as one keyword or keyword phrase.

On the other hand, users might also type in “Cape Town guest house”, which is a different keyword. Although there are millions of different keyword phrases they do tend to be clustered together.

Selecting the Correct Keywords

When doing website SEO, it is necessary to select certain keyword phrases and optimise the website for those keywords. A website can’t perform the same for all search terms and you wouldn’t want it to! You want to rank well for keywords that best describe your core goods or services, so that users ‘targeting’ those services find your website.

Hence, keyword research forces us to interrogate our business, our marketing approach and try to understand how others understand and interact with our business. Keyword research is a very important SEO activity, and it is therefore vitally important to understand which keywords are best to target. Here monthly search volumes and the competitiveness of a keyword come into play.