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WordPress is a very robust and flexible CMS, Content Management System which allows users to manage and publish content online. WordPress however has several security vunerabilities that need to be addressed with plug-ins. The following list is a list of the very best security plug-ins for WordPress, helping to ensure that your WordPress website is protected from injection and other such spam attacks.

  1. Semisecure Login Reimagined helps to increase the security of your wordpress login, using a combination of public and secret-key encryption, that encrypts the password on the client-side of the user login. JavaScript is however required to enable this type of encryption.
  2. Stealth Login is a plugin that allows you to create a custom URLs for logging in, logging out, and administration. Ensuring that you dashboard is well protected from hackers.
  3. Login LockDown is a  wordpress plugin that records login attempts and the IP address of thos logging in and blocks users that get login details wrong a number of times, helping to protect against hacker access to your dashboard.
  4. Admin SSL helps to secure the admin login page, admin area, posts, pages – whatever you want really – using Private or Shared SSL
  5. WP-DB-Backup helps one to backup your WordPress Database in case your website gets gets injected by malware or viruses that require you to reload a fresh copy of your website.
  6. WP-DB Manager allows one to manage, optimize and repair WordPress databases
  7. Antispam Bee helps to protect your website from digital spam
  8. NoSpamNX protects your website against automated comments and spambots
  9. Akismet is a complete anti-spam solution that protects your website from unwanted spam and boggis comments
  10. Math Comment Spam Protection adds a math comment protection to your comment form to root out spambots and automated submissions.
  11. SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam is a captcha that helps to remove spam and automated comments
  12. Blackhole acts as a trap from spambots and automated comment bots.
  13. Invisible Defender