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If you have chosen WordPress as the platform for your website, the good news is that WordPress solves 80% of the mechanics of Search Engines Optimization (SEO) out of the box. WordPress is very search engine friendly and allows one to easily manage all the critical aspects of onsite SEO. So lets get into some of the advantages of WordPress and managing your website SEO.

Title Tags

WordPress makes it easy to manage Page Title Tags with the helps of a plugin like Yoast WordPress SEO. Yoast allow one to enter a unique title for each page title and even offers one a preview of what it will look like in Google search results.

Meta Descriptions

Yoast also allows one to manage the meta descriptions of each page and even offers one guidance as to the ideal length and if the correct keywords have been included in the description.

Search Engine Friendly URLs

WordPress allows one to implement Search Engine Friendly URLs and edit the URLs on the page while adding ones content. This means that one can easily get those important keywords into the page URL which is a very important factor.

Alt Image Tags

Because search engine robots cant see images, it is very important to add alt image tags to images so that search engines can make sense of and index images properly. WordPress allows one to easily manage alt image tags in the media library.

Internal Links

WordPress makes it easy to add internal links between the different pages of one’s website. The hyperlink function in the editor’s panel allows users to search and link to other pages within the website very easily which boosts the internal link structure and helps the link juice to follow deeper into the sub pages.