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CMS Websites

How CMS has revolutionized web design

Since the introduction of Content Management Systems (CMS), the landscape of the web development industry changed for good. Although open source platforms like WordPress and Joomla have been around sometime, they have only come into the mainstream and become accessible to the broader community in recent years.

Prior to this, web design had been the domain of those that studied web design and knew how to write code. CMS, through the separation of style and content, took a lot of the technically out of web design and made it easy to update your website content, without having to upload files to the server through the back-end.

CMS websites are template-based. These templates can be downloaded and customised or custom created with various software programs. The content appears in a box in the middle panel. You can copy and paste your content straight into the editor’s box.

CMS websites are also Search Engine Friendly and can be optimized through various SEO plug-ins. This platform really lends itself to SEO. CMS websites get better exposure in search engine than many other html because their code is read more easily by SE robots. The list of advantages goes on and on.