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The web is about equity, not technology

So, where do most of us go wrong?

Technological innovations happen so fast on the Internet, that we get blinded by the functionality rich software. We are constantly chasing the ‘next big thing’, it must be cutting-edge or current otherwise we  assign it less value.

So when constructing a website we think we need all the latest gizmos and functionality to make the website the best it can be. God forbid people think that our website is so 2003 right?

The Internet skews our perception of equity. Yes, technology does wonderful things but it cant replace good content no matter how sophisticated. You tube for example has major equity and its not because they have the best looking website or functionality, it’s because of the rich video content it services up!

We couldn’t care less how the video on you tube was delivered to us, we are just interested in the video content. This example makes a powerful point and helps us to focus on that which is important, good quality content! Your equity lies in your content, because it’s the only thing you can bring to the marketplace that is both unique and scarce.