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Joomla web design advantages

Joomla is one of the leading Content Management Systems (CMS) in the world and the preferred choice of many web development professionals and companies. What i particularly enjoy about Joomla is its inherit robustness and flexibility. The module system allows one to display items in various positions on a webpage. It also allows users to choose which pages to display a particular module on. The allows for flexible webpage layout.

Furthermore, Joomla allows users to add several menu bars in various positions on a webpage, with custom menu items. This allows for quick and easy user navigation.  These menus can be be displayed vertically or horizontally in the various stipulated module positions.

Joomla also has a great plugin and component directory that is contributed to by web developers around the world. There are components and plugins for just about every application. This is possibly the greatest strength of this CMS platforms as there are so many great resources to draw on.

Joomla is also user, SEO and search engine friendly. The dashboard is easy to navigate and provide for a great user experience. Joomla furthermore has great built-in SEO features like search engine friendly URLs and there are many SEO plugins to manage every aspect of your website’s SEO.

These advantages make Joomla one of the most powerful and robust web design platoforms in the world and the perfered choice of many a web developer and company.