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SEO advantages of WordPress

WordPress has several advantages that make it Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine friendly. It is important for every website to get good exposure in the search engine ranking.  WordPress through its robust content management system and plugin system allows of easy management of all SEO activities to achieve these results.

The following WordPress features place it ahead of any other CMS platform in terms of SEO.

Fresh content generation

A premium is placed on websites that have continual fresh content. The WordPress dashboard makes it easy to publish fresh content.  Every time a website is crawled by the search engine, new content is searched and the natural ranking of the site increases with very little effort.

Title Optimization

WordPress optimizes titles for SEO for you. There are several great SEO plugins listed here.  You easily manage all title tag and meta descriptions with a pluin like platinum SEO. This means that your webpages will get more exposure in the SERPS.


You can customize URLs to include keyword terms in WordPress.  Permalinks are a URL that points to a specific post webpage.  For Search engines this is important because they index those pages.

Meta Tags

WordPress allows you to add meta tags to your posts. Meta tags help to find relevant content by matching these with particular keyword terms or phrases. This will be beneficial for your website ranking too.

Social Networking Sites

Social networking is an important aspect of SEO. The power of a strong referring website should not be underestimated.  WordPress has great Twitter, Facebook plugins for strong social media.

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