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Websites are the most effective form of communication

The internet has grown in leaps and bounds in South Africa over the past decade. More and more people have internet access and rely on the internet as a source of information and services. This has driven many companies to build a strong online presence as the online community is the fastest growing marketplace.

During the nineties and early 2000’s, the focus had been on simply having a website with your information on it, to tell potential clients and clients about your business. Web design quality was often poor and search engine exposure was not a focal point. In the last 5 years there has been a shift in web development however, with many companies maximizing their presence and exposure online through nice looking, functional websites that are web maintained, with quality content. Search Engine Optimization has become a must as websites need as much possible exposure in search engines to increase a company’s client base and market share.

Having a website for your company or organization is a must as a marketing tool, but also for client and stakeholder communication and participation. This is ultimately the best form of communication and allows for rapid, high quality information flow.

Make sure your website is updated regularly

It is also important to make sure that your website is well maintained and updated regularly. This ensures that the information displayed is current and relevant to web surfers. Generating fresh content will act as link bait and help bring your website more traffic. Content Management Systems have made updating your website ever so easy, allowing you to update content at the click of a button. Keep your website current, with useful information and articles.