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WordPress is extremely Search Engine and SEO friendly. It has several SEO advantages over other websites as WordPress websites index better in search engines, because it has a built in search engine ping feature, that tells the engine to crawl the website when new content is added or updated.

WordPress has several great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plug-ins that allow users to manage every aspect of SEO on their website. This is very important for any business that wants to give their website good exposure in search engines. The following WordPress SEO plug-ins are amongst the best:

Platinum SEO is a great all in one SEO plug-in for WordPress. It allows users to manage web page titles and meta descriptions. It also has built in features to tell search engine robots what content to index, redirect broken URLs and much more.

Page Tagger is a WordPress plug-in that allows users to add tags to posts and pages. These are important markers for search engines because they tell robots about the content of a website. This means that content gets indexed better and faster.

All in one SEO is the complete SEO solution for any WordPress website. It helps users to manage all on-site SEO, much like platinum SEO. Both of these plug-ins are highly rated and a must have for the SEO of any WordPress website.

W3 Total Cache is a plug-in that helps to compress a WordPress website and speed up its performance. As we all know web page speed is important. Websites that load and respond faster will place higher than websites that take ages to load or respond. Here also having a good fast server is important to page speed and hence a good provider must be chosen.